BCLA Door Certification Test

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D O O R    C E R T I F I C A T I O N     T E S T     Q U E S T I O N S

1. A door person may assist the coaches by giving instructions to the players when they come off and before they go on the floor?

2. When is it appropriate for Door Personnel to talk to, or question an officials’ call?

Only when an Official is near the team bench door
During a stoppage in play
Between periods, or at the end of the game
3. Players may be changed during any stoppage in play for a face-off. Players may be changed at any other time from the players' bench, provided the player(s) leaving the playing surface have...

been called off by either door person
been approved as legal substitutions by the official
one foot in the exchange area before the substitute player makes contact with the floor
no pending delayed penalty being signalled by either official
4. If there is water on the playing floor near the bench the door person should:

Immediately alert the closest Official
Alert the Coach, who advises the Official
Quickly go on the floor and wipe up the spill
Wait for a stoppage in play, then enter the playing surface and wipe up the spill
5. One of the roles of the door person is to communicate with the other door person as to how many players are entering and exiting the bench.

The less noise on the bench, the better
The coach will let you know how many players are going on the floor
6. Swearing by door personnel is acceptable, as long as it is not directed toward an official.

If it only occurs in the Bantam Division or higher
Only if it is used in the hallway, or nearby the dressing room
7. If a player is injured on the floor, a door person should:

Attend to the player immediately
Let the trainer attend to the player; if no trainer, then open the door for the head or, assistant coach
Wait for the official to wave you on the floor, so you can quickly attend, if you are the closest to the injured player
Signal for a parent to initiate the Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
8. On the exit door (where players enter the floor) the first responsibility of the door person is to:

Make sure the players are ready to enter the floor
Verbally communicate to the other door person the number of players entering the floor as they pass through the door
Make sure all players are running the correct play
Both A and B
9. What is the mantra that all door personnel must remember?

“Win at all Costs”
“We are here for the players”
“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”
“Leave it all on the floor”
10. Except when a player is entering or exiting the bench, the doors shall be closed and latched at all times. Failure of the doorman to do so, shall result in the?

An official warning you to close the door
assessment of a bench minor penalty
head coach being written up in a game report and submitted to the divisional commissioner for failure to control his bench
referee stopping the game until the head coach can find a suitable doorman replacement
11. What happens when the offensive team pulls their goalkeeper for an extra attacker and the goalkeeper stands in the open door of the bench?

The official shall issue 3 warnings and then award possession to the non-offending team
assessment of a 2 minute bench minor penalty for too many men
issue a warning and award possession to the non-offending team
none of the above
12. Who is only allowed to operate a player’s bench door during a game?

any person who has successfully completed the door personnel test
any qualified coach
any player associated with that team provided they are wearing a helmet
all of the above