2018 Minor Box Lacrosse Tournament Registration Form

Please Note: No team may play down into a lower division and/or tier for a tournament. If your team is tiered up by your Commissioner, then you must notify the tournament co-ordinator within a minimum of seven (7) days of the tournament. If the tournament is able to accommodate a spot for the new tier for your team, then your team can be moved. If not, then your registration will be cancelled by the host.

Step #1 - Select a Tournament

Click on the tournament name you would like to request registration for: (Click on any column header with arrows to sort)

PLEASE NOTE: By default tournaments are sorted by DIVISION with all female Divisions at the end of the table

Date Association Name Division Tier Arena Fee Event # # Teams
June 15-17PentictonBarn BurnerMidgetBPenticton Memorial Arena7002720
June 15-17Peninsula29th Annual Fathers Day TournamentMini-TykePanorama Rec Centre (Arena A)4001613
June 15-17Ridge MeadowsBurrards Blast
Mini-TykePitt Meadows Arena450835
May 26-27Port MoodyFriendship Tournament
Mini-TykeArena 1375919
June 22-24CoquitlamJean Andre Tournament
Mini-TykePoirier Sport & Leisure Complex4002521
May 12-13Port CoquitlamMay Day Tournament
Mini-TykePort Coquitlam Arena3001821
June 15-17Peninsula29th Annual Fathers Day TournamentTykePanorama Rec Centre (Arena A)5001617
June 13-17Richmond34th Annual Salmon Festival Tournament
TykeMinoru - Stadium6254017
June 15-17Ridge MeadowsBurrards Blast
TykePitt Meadows Arena550836
May 26-27Port MoodyFriendship Tournament
TykeArena 1475923
June 22-24CoquitlamJean Andre Tournament
TykePoirier Sport & Leisure Complex5502532
May 11-13CranbrookKootenay Box Lacrosse ShootoutTykememorial arena75034
May 12-13Port CoquitlamMay Day Tournament
TykePort Coquitlam Arena5001826
June 9-10SurreyRebel Roundup
TykeCloverdale Arena5002118
June 8-10OceansideShark AttackTykeOceanside Place Arena650523
June 22-24West KootenayWolf Den 3 on 3 - Let the Pups Play!TykeCastlegar Complex150471
July 5-8BurnabyJack Crosby Novice All Star Tournament
NoviceA1|A2|BBill Copeland Sports Centre/Burnaby Lake Arena700634
June 13-17Richmond34th Annual Salmon Festival Tournament
NoviceA1|A2|B|CMinoru - Stadium6254043
June 21-24Port MoodyGolden Spike TournamentNoviceA1|A2|B|CArena 16001039
June 1-3New WestminsterJohn Witt/Bellie Bowl Tournament
NoviceA1|A2|B|CQueens Park Arena7753449
June 1-3KelownaJoshua Dubrett Novice NoviceA2|BMemorial Arena7504416
May 4-6Juan de FucaTravis Bateman MemorialNoviceA2|BJDF Arena6503124
May 11-13CranbrookKootenay Box Lacrosse ShootoutNoviceBmemorial arena75034
May 25-27ShuswapLawrence Halvorson Memorial Tournament
NoviceBShaw Centre650428
May 11-13Alberni ValleyNovice Ice Breaker TournamentNoviceBAlberni Valley Multiplex6503511
May 11-13North OkanaganRock The HouseNoviceBNorVal Arena650468
June 15-17Victoria-EsquimaltWind It Up Novice Tournament
(A2 division cancelled)
NoviceBArchie Browning Sports Complex6502018
June 22-24West KootenayWolf Den 3 on 3 - Let the Pups Play!NoviceB|CCastlegar Complex200472
June 1-3ChilliwackMustangs Stampede Novice C TournamentNoviceCTwin Rinks Arena6503611
June 7-10CoquitlamTrevor Wingrove MemorialPeeWeeA1Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex7002418
May 4-6KamloopsAlan Price MemorialPeeWeeA1|A2|BMcArthur Island Sport & Event Center6501447
May 24-27Juan de FucaCaptain CookPeeWeeA1|A2|B|CJDF Arena6503043
May 30-June 3Port CoquitlamPop Styles Tournament
PeeWeeA1|A2|B|CPort Coquitlam Arena6002254
May 25-27Semiahmoo31st Wayne Goss Peewee Lacrosse Tournament
PeeWeeA2|BCentennial Arena6754929
May 18-20PentictonBarn BurnerPeeWeeA2|BPenticton Memorial Arena7002724
June 1-3North OkanaganRock The HousePeeWeeA2|BKal Tire Place6754626
May 26-27Vancouver-KillarneySid Dann Memorial Pee Wee Tournament
PeeWeeA2|CKillarney Arena5504520
May 11-13CranbrookKootenay Box Lacrosse ShootoutPeeWeeBmemorial arena75036
May 25-27ShuswapLawrence Halvorson Memorial Tournament
PeeWeeBShaw Centre650429
May 10-13Cowichan ValleyThunder in the ValleyPeeWeeB|CKerry Park700724
June 7-10CoquitlamTrevor Wingrove MemorialBantamA1Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex7002415
May 18-21New WestminsterHYACK
BantamA1|A2|B|CQUEENS PARK ARENA 7753368
May 25-27NanaimoTim White Bantam Lacrosse Tournament
BantamA1|A2|B|CFrank Crane Arena6501240
April 27-29KamloopsKarsten Huth Memorial
(B is FULL, A2 still open)
BantamA2McArthur Island Sport & Event Center6501329
June 1-3PentictonBarn BurnerBantamA2|BPenticton Memorial Arena7002740
May 11-13CranbrookKootenay Box Lacrosse ShootoutBantamBmemorial arena75037
April 13-15Victoria-EsquimaltBantam Rust Buster
BantamB|CArchie Browning Sports Complex6504315
May 31-June 3Oceanside(Re) Lax by the Ocean Midget 2018
(B is FULL)
MidgetA1Oceanside Arena 700436
June 7-10CoquitlamTrevor Wingrove MemorialMidgetA1Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex7002410
May 18-21Richmond9th Annual Richmond Midget TournamentMidgetA1|A2|BMinoru - Stadium7253945
May 11-13Ridge MeadowsBarn Burner
MidgetA1|A2|BPlanet Ice - Cam Neely6501143
June 14-17LangleyDennis HickeyMidgetA1|A2|BLEC Main arena 7003840
June 8-10PentictonBarn BurnerMidgetA2Penticton Memorial Arena7002717
April 27-29PeninsulaTournament of WarriorsMidgetA2|BPanorama Rec Centre (Arena A)6251722
May 11-13CranbrookKootenay Box Lacrosse ShootoutMidgetBmemorial arena75037
May 25-27NanaimoTim White Bantam Lacrosse Tournament
FemaleBantamFrank Crane Arena650121
June 7-10CoquitlamTrevor Wingrove Memorial
FemaleBantam A|Midget APoirier Sport & Leisure Complex700245
May 24-27CoquitlamFemale Adanac Cup
(FULL except for Junior)
FemaleJuniorPoirier Sport & Leisure Complex7252342
April 27-29PeninsulaTournament of WarriorsFemaleMidgetPanorama Rec Centre (Arena A)625174
June 21-24Port MoodyGolden Spike TournamentFemaleNoviceArena 16001010
May 4-6Juan de FucaTravis Bateman MemorialFemaleNoviceJDF Arena650314
May 11-13New WestminsterDorothy Robertson Memorial Tournament
FemaleNovice|PeeWee|BantamQueens Park Arena7003238
May 25-27Semiahmoo31st Wayne Goss Peewee Lacrosse TournamentFemalePeeWeeCentennial Arena675499
May 11-13CranbrookKootenay Box Lacrosse ShootoutFemalePeewee|Bantam|Midgetmemorial arena75033
June 22-24CoquitlamJean Andre TournamentFemaleTykePoirier Sport & Leisure Complex550252
May 31-June 3Ridge MeadowsReign stormFemaleTyke|Novice|Peewee|Bantam A|Bantam B|Midget A|Midget B|JuniorPitt meadows7001952